Recieving Method:
You can either
1. Pick Up from our store or
2. Cash-on-Delivery(COD)
We will call ahead of time if you will be paying in exact amount or not, to make sure we give your exact change to you.
Ordering Process:
Step 1. Add items to cart and proceed to checkout
Step 2. Fill in the necessary info and submit.
Step 3. Wait for confirmation of order. 
You will receive an email and call whether the store:
 - has accepted and confirmed the order 
 - or the store may suggest another date and time for delivery as our services may be fully booked on that day.
- Cancellations may only be before Confirmation.
- You can can call us to remove your order from our records.
Change Order:
- Orders can only be changed before order is confirmed.
- If you wish to change your order, you can call us and request that your order be changed